Chiesa del Crocefisso della Subida

The Chiesa della Subida church draws its origins from a miraculous event which took place on July 23, 1597 and in the following days: a number of people noticed drops of sweat dripping from a crucifix placed on a column capital on the same site where the church was then built. According to popular tradition, the crucifix was found by a farmer when his oxen, passing by the capital, kneeled down and could not be persuaded to move forward. After the dripping sweat was spotted, the archdeacon was sent on site to investigate and report back to the patriarch. The crucifix was removed and taken to the cathedral against the will of the people, who kept going to the church to prey at the foot of the Cross. The miraculous event was recorded in the parish chronicles of 1597, which also tell us the churchstarted being built on August 26 of the same year, when the blessing and the laying of the first stone took place. The church has a beautiful pronaus, a rose window above the entrance and a bell gable with a mullioned bell. The venetian baroque altar was built in 1705 by sculptor Pasqualino Lazzarin. It is enriched by statues representing the Passion of Christ and above it by an eighteen-century painting portraying the Creator.

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