Cormons - Piazza 24 Maggio_ph Fabrice Gallina

Enoteca di Cormòns

In the evocative Piazza XXIV Maggio, since 1984 the Cormons wine shop can be found in Palazzo Locatelli already home to the Town Hall.
It is an oenological reference point to promote and enhance the wine and tourism of the territory.
Inside, a large tasting room is also used for courses, technical and oenological conferences, and hosts tasting evenings open to the public. In the wine shop, you can even taste and buy niche gastronomic specialities produced in the region.
Apart from being a wine shop, it is also a cooperative society and a shared project that brings together over thirty wineries in the municipality of Cormons.
A special place to discover the territory through the wines that represent it and its food and wine culture

PHOTO: Cormons – Piazza 24 Maggio, ph Fabrice Gallina

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