Villa Locatelli (Angoris)

Villa Locatelli is a historical manor that has been at the center of the Tenuta di Angoris estate since the eighteenth century. It is precious witness and custodian of the heritage of this land and the people who lived and worked here to write its history. Surrounded and protected by an old park, it stands out against the vibrant colors of nature and its pristine white walls. Walking through its rooms is like traveling through time. The fragrant scents of the four seasons and the air can be found among its trees. The red roses lining the driveway in the spring, the colorful autumn leaves and aromas of the grape harvest, sitting at the piano once owned by the Locatelli Barons, and relaxing amidst the books in the ancient library are just some of the many details that will make your event unique. The villa is further enhanced by a consecrated chapel extra oppida, a true gem of eighteenth century architecture.

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