What they say about us

“The show is a brilliant example of how a low budget production can offer an excellent summer opera performance… thanks to a fresh and successful adaptation where a special care of the recitatives and good quality of voices were the most outstanding notes.“

Fabiana Dallavalle, Il Messaggero Veneto – Udine

“A staging where the actor-singers have fun with the audience! This is a Barber that goes direct to the heart of the public!”

Linamaria Palumbo e Giuliana Tumia,

“A performance that sum up the spirit of the Festival, which manages to stage a difficult opera with low budget in a very proper way… a beautiful group spirit and a sense of comic not easy, not vulgar, rarely seen in the best opera houses.”

Lorenzo De Vecchi,

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Previous editions

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Year Title Booklet
2018 CAPRICCIO more
2017 FAIRY-TALE Castles more
2016 LIGHT Mansions more
2015 GLORY Mansions more
2014 DREAM Mansions more
2013 VERDIForever Mansions more